How I Met Your Mother Review: “Last Time In New York” (Season 9, Episode 3)

Last Time in New York

Luckily, this episode isn’t overly sentimental (those episodes are coming, mark my words), but it still does have some heartfelt moments, mostly between Ted and Lily, but also between Robin and Barney. The balance is enough to keep one of the funnier episodes in recent memory from heading into pure-comedy territory, but not so much that it detracts from the great laughs that are found throughout. That’s a balance this show has made its mark with, and a balance that it sadly had lost the last couple years. Hopefully its return in this episode means that it’s here to stay.

I will say I am more comfortable with the Mother’s absence in this episode than I was in the last episode. At least this time they didn’t squeeze her in in an awkward way that felt as if it was just for the sake of having her show up. She doesn’t need to be in every episode, though I do wonder where she’s at, especially if she’s somewhere at the B&B. But we’ll let future the Mother figure that one out.

I’m not quite as alright with Marshall’s absence, but sticking him in Wisconsin was definitely the best way to maximize his limited screen time. Though Marshall’s minimal presence so far this season makes me wonder that as a part of his hesitation to sign on for this season, his shooting schedule was limited. If that’s the case, he may barely show up in the majority of the episodes this season, which would be extremely disappointing.

This is definitely the most enjoyable episode of the young season so far, and it leaves for high expectations going into the next episode, which is a much better option than the alternative. So far, so good, HIMYM. So far, so good.

Other Random Notes

  • “Thank you Linus, Thank you Linus, Thank you Linus.”
  • The entire bit about Ted and the Empire State building is a great love for architecture joke, the likes of which have been far too few in recent years.
  • “Meet me at Coney Island, see? I’ll be doing the Charleston atop a giant-wheeled bicycle in an era where folks inexplicably talk like this.”
  • I can’t tell you how many sword fights my friends and I have almost had because of the first sword fight between Ted and Marshall. I have a feeling someone will be showing up with a pair of swords at my door sometime in the next few days. And I welcome the challenge.
  • “Don’t say buffet! It attracts old people!”
  • How many The Princess Bride references can be shoved into one episode? And for the record, Mandy Patinkin is not only for old people.
  • “Thanks Lily. I’m very aware of the Highland clumps.”
  • “I’m gay. I’m black. And I’m getting a divorce. Those walking skeletons are going to have more questions for me than their pharmacist.”

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