Michael Cudlitz Explains Why There Won’t Be A Fear/The Walking Dead Crossover


We’ve now clocked up three seasons of spinoff Fear The Walking Dead and there are still no plans for it to crossover with parent series The Walking Dead anytime soon. If you’re wondering why that is, a former star of AMC’s hit zombie drama has come up with a very good answer.

Speaking to The LA Times, Abraham Ford himself, Michael Cudlitz, was asked what his favourite part of working on the show was. His reply was the “fan reaction,” which he believes comes from the “way over the top” tendencies of The Walking Dead. It’s this quality of the series that Cudlitz thinks keeps its characters from appearing in Fear. 

“We have almost have a permission slip as far as our reality to make things a little bit bigger because we are based on the graphic novel. You have these characters like Abraham with the mustache and the ridiculous way he presents himself. I don’t mean that in a bad way, ridiculous is fine. Michonne with the sword, Daryl with the crossbow.”

“If one of our characters were to show up in the other world [on Fear the Walking Dead], they wouldn’t mesh because Fear is based much more in a realistic reality where I believe ours is a heightened reality because of the graphic novel.”

Cudlitz’s comments make a lot of sense, and it seems he’s not the only one who feels that way. Fear‘s own showrunner, Dave Erickson, has previously said that he believes the two series should never crossover. According to him, it would be “too difficult to pull off” and so “the two shows just need to exist in their own spheres” – a sentiment that we totally agree with.

Fear The Walking Dead season 3 is currently airing, while The Walking Dead returns for its eighth season this October.

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