Michael Cudlitz Returning For The Walking Dead Season 9 As A Director


Good news, everyone! Michael Cudlitz is returning to The Walking Dead for season 9. Before you start wondering how he’ll be back as Abraham after Negan bashed his brains in during the season 7 premiere, though, we should probably mention that he’s coming back in a purely behind the scenes capacity.

ComicBook.com has revealed that Cudlitz is set to direct an episode of the upcoming season of the AMC zombie drama. That’s all we know right now, but it’s intriguing news no doubt. After all, Cudlitz has the honor of being the first cast member of The Walking Dead to also helm an episode and follows on from Fear the Walking Dead‘s Colman Domingo, who’s set to direct episode 12 of the spinoff show’s fourth season.

Earlier this year, Melissa McBride claimed that she was planning on turning her hand to directing, too, using this as her explanation when asked why she was seen on the set of Fear. It turned out that this was a white lie told by the actress though, as she later made a cameo in the season 4 opener alongside Andrew Lincoln, as Lennie James’ Morgan Jones moved over to the spinoff to become a series regular.

Cudlitz might not be appearing on screen as Abraham in season 9, but there’ll still be another fan favorite character we haven’t seen for a while making his return. That’s because Jon Bernthal is coming back as Shane Walsh, Rick Grimes’ former best friend turned enemy, last seen in season 2. Seeing as he became a walker and was then shot in the head and killed for good, we can safely surmise that Shane will return via a dream sequence or hallucination of some kind. Perhaps as part of Rick’s deathif that’s even going to happen.

The Walking Dead season 9 has yet to be given a release date, but we can likely expect that – and probably a teaser trailer, too – at next week’s San Diego Comic-Con.