Michael Cudlitz Teases That Abraham Could Return To The Walking Dead


Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s Negan is a force to be reckoned with.

He’s a sadistic, unhinged psychopath, which is exactly what made him one of the more compelling villains that The Walking Dead had seen in years. First introduced towards the end of season 6, Negan really made his mark during the contentious “The Day Will Come When You Won’t Be,” when he lined up Rick and his ragtag crew before brutally murdering Glenn and Abraham.

It was a heartbreaking, shocking moment for TWD viewers around the world, but at least we’ve seen the latter appear again via flashback, and it seems we may see him yet again at some point. At least, that’s if a recent comment made by actor Michael Cudlitz is anything to go by.

Appearing at Wizard World New Orleans the other day, the fan favorite suggested that despite his death, Abraham could still return in a future episode. “Who knows, maybe there’ll be flashbacks?” Cudlitz teased.

While that’s hardly confirmation that we’ll indeed see the character once more, given that he’s already shown up in a flashback following his demise at the hands of Negan, another appearance is hardly out of the question. Though whether that’s what the producers have up their sleeve or not remains to be seen.

In any case, we at least know that Cudlitz would be interested in a return, as he said the following in an interview from 2017:

“I would strongly consider whatever the show came at me with at any point. I had a great experience with the show. As long as they keep telling stories the way they’re telling them, which I feel is amazing, I’d be open to anything as long as it worked with my schedule, obviously. I’m on the other side of [the show’s current story]. But I would certainly come back and play if they wanted me to.”

So, it seems there’s still hope for another glimpse of Abraham, given the actor’s interest in being involved again and the aforementioned tease at Wizard World New Orleans. But first, there are bigger fish to fry, as the Whisperers are about to make their mark on The Walking Dead and will give the survivors more than enough to deal with for the next little while when the show returns to AMC in February.