Michael C. Hall Enters Negotiations To Extend Dexter Beyond Season 6

Dexter Season 6 is due to burst onto our screens in the next couple of weeks, the vigilante serial killer will return to avenge once again. The lead actor Michael C. Hall has a contract that ends with this season, however he and Showtime execs are now in negotiations to continue their flagship show.

It is at the moment unspecified how many more seasons after this new season there will be but apparently discussions have been on going for several months and due to now being an executive producer on the show, Hall is asking for more money and quite rightly so. I imagine that after 6 years, the prospect of revisiting a character time and time again for an actor is quite dull, and in the world of television there is no space to do much else.

If they want to continue Dexter they can’t do it without Hall, he is brilliant as the lead character and his dry and often very funny voiceover is for me the key to the tone of the show. I can imagine we’ll hear very soon after the debut of the new season whether we will get more Dexter or not. The popularity of the show will likely not dwindle, it is Showtime’s biggest hit and the viewing figures justify its continuation.

Dexter Season 6 debuts on October 2nd.

Source: Variety