Michelle Monaghan Is Up For Doing More True Detective


When True Detective first hit airwaves back in 2014, it was hailed as one of the best new shows of the decade. With brilliant performances from stars Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson, a dark, compelling story, a bold vision from director Cary Fukunaga and one of the best damn tracking shots in the history of television, it was truly something spectacular. Then season 2 arrived.

A very different beast from what came before, it never managed to live up to the first outing. That’s not to say it was bad, but the show’s sophomore effort was a far cry from the groundbreaking rookie season that proceeded it. As such, the fate of True Detective is now unknown. HBO hasn’t come out and said yet just how they’re going to move ahead from here, but they have told fans that while the show isn’t dead, don’t expect new episodes any time soon.


What a lot of people would like to see at this point is the return of the cast from season 1, which is certainly possible. Matthew McConaughey has stated on a few occasions that he’d be all for doing more True Detective, and now his co-star, Michelle Monaghan, has said the same.

While speaking with us about her new film Sleepless, the actress seemed enthusiastic when we asked her if she’d like to do season 3 of the show.

Oh, of course I’d do more! It was a great experience.

With both McConaughey and now Monaghan expressing interest in returning, we imagine that the network has begun to sit up and take notice. Whether or not bringing back the old cast is the route they’ll go down is hard to say, but we’d certainly be all for it.

Unfortunately, it’ll probably be some time before we find out what’s happening with True Detective, as it doesn’t seem like it’s a priority right now. Still, with HBO assuring us that the show isn’t dead, eventually there will come a time for a season 3 and when that time comes, we remain hopeful that maybe, just maybe the original cast members will be back for another round.

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