Michonne Gives A Motivational Speech In The Walking Dead Deleted Scene


Ahead of the release of The Walking Dead‘s seventh season on DVD and Blu-Ray, we now have a full breakdown of one of several deleted scenes that will be featured on the boxset.

ComicBook.Com revealed a write-up of what sounds like a great sequence that was ultimately excised from the season finale, “The First Day of the Rest of Your Life.” It sees Michonne inspire the Grimes boys into action when they’re in a dark place. According to the outlet, here’s how it goes down:

Rick and Carl are together in their Alexandria house. Carl is sitting, cleaning and preparing guns. Rick is strapping his belt on and examining his python.

Carl says, “It’s weird not having her here.”

“She’s safe. She’s with family,” Rick said. He is leaving for the “heaps” soon.

“You know what to do if they show up,” Rick said.

“Give them what they want, one last time,” Carl said.

Rick puts his hand on Carl’s head and looks down to him. “I love you, Carl,” he said.

“Would you have done it?” Carl asks. “Cut off my arm?”

“I don’t know,” Rick said. Michonne enters the room.

“Could you do it now? Cause it could happen again,” Carl said. Michonne cuts him off. “It could happen again,” he insists.

“No, not again,” Michonne said. “And I don’t want you talking about it. I don’t want you to think about it. We weren’t ready for them then, we are now. There’s nothing left but beating them. Winning this. Making them regret they ever crossed us just before they die. Don’t fantasize about failing. Put everything into winning and we’ll make it real.”

Michonne kisses Carl on the forehead and turns to Rick. “So, let’s go get our army,” she said.

The growing closeness of Michonne to both her lover Rick and his son Carl has been fascinating to see unfold over the seasons, and this sequence would have only cemented how she’s now become Rick’s right-hand woman who he relies on to keep him going, as well as a surrogate mother to Carl. It’s a real shame it was cut from the show then, but at least we can now see it on the DVD/Blu-ray.

This scene isn’t the only extra feature you can find on the home video release, of course, as it’ll also come packing numerous other deleted scenes as well as several behind the scenes featurettes. It’ll be available for purchase from August 22nd, while season 8 of The Walking Dead then hits our screens two months later, on October 22nd.