Mirror Master Will Undergo Some Changes When He Appears In The Flash


One of the most exciting additions to season three of The Flash is the villainous Mirror Master. A member of The Rogues, fans have been wondering for a while now why he’s never shown up in The CW series, but when he does appear (played by Star-Crossed‘s Grey Damon), it sounds like he’ll be a little different to his comic book counterpart.

The Flash executive producer Todd Helbing explained in a recent interview that this version of Mirror Master is going to be a metahuman rather than someone who wields a special gun which allows him to travel between this and the mirror dimension.

“[Mirror Master] doesn’t use the [mirror] gun. He’s a true meta, but he’s not necessarily warping into other dimensions.”

It almost sounds as if the villain’s powers have also been vastly altered, but despite how trippy The Flash has often been, you can understand why those responsible for the show are reluctant to introduce a character with the ability to enter a special mirror world by using a gun. Even for The Flash, that may be little too far-fetched and hard to follow.

Despite whatever changes end up being made, it would be foolish to worry about the way Mirror Master ends up being portrayed here, as we all know that the show has a great track record when it comes to successfully bringing the Scarlet Speedster’s foes to the small screen.

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