Missed The Chucky Premiere? You’re In Luck — You Can Watch The Debut Episode Now

Fans of the iconic horror doll Chucky got to see new life breathed into the character with a fresh storyline thanks to the new SYFY series that premiered last night.

Chucky made its television debut last night, and it was a murderously good time. Jake Wheeler, a teen who finds Chucky at a yard sale, soon discovers that the doll is much more than a vintage collectible item. In fact, it doesn’t take long at all for Chucky to start killing those close to Jake.

From the moment Jake picks Chucky up at that yard sale, it’s clear that those good guy overalls are an ironic nod to the fact that Chucky is anything but good. It’s also clear that Jake is struggling with something as the episode progresses, and he’s trying to explore a connection he has with his late mother in the only way he knows how — through art.

If you missed the big tv debut of Chucky, you’re not alone, and you’re also not out of luck. You can catch the first episode in full on YouTube, and it’s a can’t miss.

Chucky will air on SYFY and USA weekly on Tuesday at 10 pm Eastern, and if the first episode is anything to go by, it’ll be one heck of a season.