MODOK Will Soon Make His MCU Debut

Modok Marvel MCU
Image via Marvel Comics

She-Hulk TV series is officially on its way to Disney Plus in the next few years, as per the news released at D23 over the weekend. That’s about all we know for sure about this project right now, but We Got This Covered may have learned who the villain of the show will be, and he’s one of the biggest Marvel Comics supervillains yet to appear in the MCU.

According to our sources, none other than MODOK will finally make his much-awaited debut in She-Hulk. That’s all we’ve been told for now, and it’s unclear how he may be involved, but we’re pretty confident about this intel as it comes from the same sources who previously told us a show starring Jennifer Walters was in the works all the way back in April.

MODOK, recognizable for his enormous head and hover-chair, is the leader of AIM in the comics, a group who previously appeared in Iron Man 3, with Aldrich Killian in charge. It’s possible that George Tarleton has since taken over the corrupt company, but whether we’ll see his transformation into the Mechanical Organism Designed Only for Killing in the series, or if he’ll already be a supervillain when he’s introduced, we can’t say just yet.

Of course, we know that Hulu is also using the character soon, with Patton Oswalt voicing him in his own animated series. MODOK is just one of the streaming service’s upcoming comedic Marvel cartoons, along with Hit-Monkey, Tigra and Dazzler and Howard the Duck. The group will come together in a mock-Avengers style show titled The Offenders as well, but these obviously won’t have any connection to the MCU, so we don’t expect Oswalt to reprise his role in live-action.

What’s also interesting though is that this same source told us in April that Mark Ruffalo would be returning as Bruce Banner in She-Hulk, too, which only makes sense given that Jen’s his cousin and he’s closely tied into her origins story. What’s more, the Disney Plus series will very much be part of the MCU timeline going forward. So, it’s feasible that She-Hulk – and any other characters it introduces, like MODOK – could crossover to the movies at some point as well.