Mon-El Finally Gets A Better Costume In New Supergirl Photos


Chris Woods’ Mon-El has been part of Supergirl since the beginning of season 2 but, to date, we haven’t seen him wear the character’s red and blue costume from the comics. Ever since joining up with the Legion of Superheroes this year, he’s just settled for that boring go-to on-screen super-suit – black leather. At last, though, he’s about to get a fashion upgrade, as these new photos from an upcoming episode confirm that the Superman-coloured costume is on its way.

From how it looks in these images, Supergirl‘s costume designers have once again done an awesome job of faithfully replicating a suit from the comics. In fact, this might even be their best effort yet.

Tellingly, there’s a logo-shaped hole on his chest that makes it look like Mon-El will soon be sporting the ‘S’ shield as the character often does in the source material. Though seeing as where he and Kara’s relationship is at the moment, that’s probably going to be a little while off.

The synopsis for this episode, which is titled “In Search of Lost Time,” has also been released and reveals that Mon-El will train Kara in some intensive fighting techniques he’s picked up during his time in the future. And that’s just as well, as she’s going to need any tips she can get to face Reign and the rest of the Worldkillers. Meanwhile, J’onn has to face a difficult truth about his ailing father.

J’ONN HAS TO FACE THE TRUTH ABOUT HIS FATHER – When Myr’nn (guest star Carl Lumbly) inadvertently causes psychic disturbances at the DEO, Supergirl (Melissa Benoist) must work with J’onn (David Harewood) to contain the resulting chaos. Meanwhile, Mon-El (Chris Wood) begins training Kara in fighting techniques he’s learned in the future for battling Worldkillers. Andi Armaganian directed the episode with story by Eric Carrasco and teleplay by Katie Rose Rogers & Nicki Holcomb (#315). Original airdate 4/23/2018.

Now that Legends of Tomorrow has finished its third run, Supergirl returns next week to The CW.

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