Here’s How Moon Knight Could Look In His Disney Plus Series


It was confirmed over the weekend at D23 that Moon Knight is finally coming to the MCU, with the nocturnal hero getting his own TV show on Disney Plus in the near future (likely 2022). Fans have been calling for ol’ Moonie to get his big break in live-action for years and now, it’s finally happening. But what could he look like on screen?

That remains to be seen, but this awesome piece of fan art gives us a good idea of how Marvel Studios will realize his design. Raf Grassetti, Art Director at Sony Santa Monica, shared his own take on how Moon Knight could look in the MCU on social media and the result is a stunning mix of a comic-accurate costume with an extra armored, hi-tech edge that’s in keeping with the aesthetic of the franchise.

Grassetti captioned his image with one of Marc Spector’s more recognizable quotes as well, which reminds us how formidable he is as a crime-fighter. “I don’t wear white to hide myself, I wear it so they’ll see me coming.”

You can see with lines like this why folks often call him Marvel’s answer to Batman. In actual fact, though, that does Moon Knight a disservice. Does Batman get his powers from an Egyptian deity? Does Batman suffer from dissociative identity disorder? Clearly, there’s much that can be explored with this underrated hero, so the Disney Plus series has his followers very excited.

It’s believed that Marvel is looking for a Jewish actor for Spector, as per his cultural heritage in the comics. Rumors also point to Werewolf By Night featuring in the show, which would make sense considering the character debuted in Werewolf By Night #32. As always, we’ll keep you updated as and when more news on Moon Knight comes in, but for now, you can share your early thoughts on it down below.