‘Moon Knight’ fans are excited by the tease of a brutal new character in episode 3

Moon Knight

This article contains major spoilers for Moon Knight episode three

Moon Knight is one of the more complicated Marvel heroes, though the Disney Plus show has done an admirable job of showing how the Steven Grant and Marc Spector personalities interact, their relationship with ancient god Khonshu, and how his powers work. But episode three has just teased that a third personality is coming, most likely New York City cab driver Jake Lockley.

The tease came after a fight scene against Arthur Harrow’s men. This sees a tug-of-war between Marc Spector and Steven Grant, with Grant horrified at the violence and trying to convince Spector to tone it down a bit. However, midway through the fight, Spector is knocked out cold and awakens to discover that he’s covered in blood and clutching a corpse. Grant very plausibly denies this was him, leaving the door open for a third as-yet-unseen personality to debut.

Fans are hyped, and all seem convinced Lockley is on the way:

Others hinted that Lockley might have been watching from the shadows all along:

Some have even gone as far as mocking up what Isaac might look like in this third personality:

Isaac has knocked it out of the park in switching between the Spector and Grant personalities, so if Jake Lockley really is coming we can’t wait to see him transform on camera once more. It’d be very fun if this were someone Spector and Grant could team up against, as both seem to be very disturbed by what he did to Harrow’s men. In addition, if Spector and Grant each have their own Khonshu-powered forms, we may see a third one emerge for Lockley.

Moon Knight airs Wednesdays on Disney Plus.