‘Moon Knight’ has the lowest critics score (but highest user rating) of any Marvel show on Rotten Tomatoes

moon knight
Image via Marvel/HBO Plus

Not only is the Marvel Cinematic Universe the most successful film and television franchise in history, but it’s also one of the most consistent when it comes to critical and audience acclaim. Eternals may have proven polarizing, but it still remains the only one of the franchise’s big or small screen installments to drop below the Fresh threshold on Rotten Tomatoes.

The MCU’s first project of 2022 is now streaming, with fans going wild over Oscar Isaac’s debut as the title hero in Moon Knight, but now that the dust has settled on the first wave of reviews, a very interesting wrinkle has been thrown up.

At the time of writing, the critical consensus from 102 reviews gives Moon Knight an RT rating of 86%, a solid return that nonetheless ranks at the bottom of the pile for the superhero saga’s streaming exclusives, with The Falcon and the Winter Soldier holding an identical score.

However, the supernatural mystery thriller boasts an impressive user rating of 94%, which is a new high for the MCU’s episodic output. Loki and Hawkeye previously topped the internal rankings at 91% each, but it’s curious to discover that Moon Knight has simultaneously fared the worst review-wise, while also emerging at the head of the pack from an audience perspective.

With five weeks still to go, the numbers are almost certain to fluctuate between now and the finale, but that doesn’t mean Moon Knight can’t already be lauded as yet another home from from Kevin Feige’s all-conquering outfit.