‘Moon Knight’ producer explains why Jake Lockley was saved for last

moon knight

Warning: This article contains spoilers for the Moon Knight finale.

Every MCU TV show so far has made a game out of forcing fans to wait until the series finale for some major development to occur, like Scarlet Witch and Sam Wilson’s Cap getting their new super-suits in WandaVision and Falcon and the Winter Soldier. Moon Knight continued this trend by holding off on introducing a key component of Marc Spector’s psyche until this week’s sixth episode.

Spoilers incoming!

After over a month of teases, the Moon Knight finale’s post-credits scene finally unveiled Jake Lockley, the third personality of Oscar Isaac’s DiD-diagnosed hero. As he’s a figure from the comics, fans had been suspecting his arrival on the scene since the beginning, being convinced with each new episode that this would be the one where he debuted. So why did the production team decide to delay his appearance until the show’s very end?

Producer Grant Curtis has explained that it wasn’t necessarily a case of wanting to withhold Jake but more about ensuring Marc and Steven’s dual storyline had the room to grow organically, which meant that Jake had to draw the short stick. As he told Murphy’s Multiverse:

“It wasn’t a conscious effort. As you know, Jake Lockley is peppered throughout the whole series but it’s not until the final scene that you actually see him. It was our writer Jeremy Slater leading us on the most satisfying journey for Marc and Steven to go on. That’s how it played out. It was the best story to tell. Believe me, once he pitched and once we knew that’s where Jake was going to land, it was like, ‘Game on.'”

The other consequence of keeping Jake until the post-credits scene is that it sets up a fascinating twist to be explored in a potential second season. How will Marc and Steven react when they find out they have another personality they had no idea about, one who is much more merciless and is loyal to Khonshu? It would also be a lot of fun watching Oscar Isaac interacting with himself in three directions.

As of yet, though, a Moon Knight season two has yet to be announced. All six episodes of the first season are available to stream now on Disney Plus.