‘Moon Knight’ promo teases epic season finale tonight

Moon Knight
Image via Marvel Studios

The promo for the Moon Knight season one finale wants fans to watch it “toknight.” The series has been building towards some major revelations relating to Moon Knight and the pantheon of Egyptian gods, and the final episode will likely answer a lot of questions.

Marvel Studios tweeted the video featuring many of the elements key to the series. There’s Marc Spector transforming into the white-cloaked Moon Knight, the mysterious god Khonshu looming above, and the scales that weigh hearts. In the upper right, the logo for Rotten Tomatoes is shown to indicate its certified fresh status.

In season one, episode five, “Asylum,” Isaac pulled double-duty like never before, playing both Marc and Grant together in most scenes (with the help of visual effects). The two travel through the mental asylum and, via mystical means, discover what’s really happening by looking back at their experiences and putting the pieces together.

Along the way, it’s revealed that Marc is the original personality, and Steven was created after experiencing great trauma. Marc had a brother named Randall who died when they were kids when they explored a cave. A storm came and claimed Randall, and his mother blamed Marc for this. Marc was abused as a boy, and he created Steven Grant from the Indiana Jones-inspired Tomb Buster movies as a way to cope with it.

Marc and Steven are taken to the Field of Dreams by the goddess Taweret, and they fight the undead. They’re both sent overboard, and Steven sacrifices himself for Marc, falling into the Duat and becoming frozen, ostensibly killing the personality in an emotional scene.

In the finale, there will most likely be a confrontation with Arthur Harrow (Ethan Hawke), who’s been the antagonist of the series thus far. He was a doctor at the asylum “treating” Marc and was the former Avatar of Khonshu who’s been after the scarab that turns him into Moon Knight.

As for Steven’s death, he might not really be dead in the traditional sense. Since Steven Grant is a manifested personality, it could be that he’s residing in another area of Marc’s mind and could return in the future. Only time will tell.

The Moon Knight season finale releases May 4.