Mr. Robot Season 2 Production Gears Up Amid New Casting Announcements

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It’s hard to believe that we’re already just a few months away from the return of last summer’s shockingly great USA drama Mr. Robot, but the network has confirmed that the show’s second season is gearing up to start production in just a few days’ time.

The series has announced some casting news, as well. Loner Elliot (Rami Malek) will be gaining some new friends in his neighborhood – rapper Joey Bada$$ will be making his television debut on the drama, playing a new pal of Elliot’s named Leon, “who tends to talk a lot and advises the show’s protagonist on life and its many meanings.” Doesn’t exactly sound like someone the solemn Elliot would want to be BFFs with, but we shall see.

In the new blood department, the rapper will be backed by Chris Conroy as Derek, who will be the new love interest for steely Joanna Wellick. Anyone who was obsessed with the dastardly plotting of Joanna can rejoice today – Stephanie Corneliussen, who plays Joanna, will be a series regular this year, along with Evil Corp stalwart Phillip Price (Michael Cristofer).

Perhaps the best known new addition is Grace Gummer, who joined the second season a few weeks ago. EW has a description of her character:

The new additions and series regulars will join Newsroom alum Grace Gummer, who previously signed on as Dominique (Dom) DiPierro, an FBI agent investigating the Evil Corp hack from the season 1 finale.

That’s a lot of reasons to be excited for the return of Mr. Robot, not including the fact that season 1 remained so solidly engaging. The one thing we still don’t know, of course, is exactly when the show will be returning. USA has said it will be a summer show again though, so it shouldn’t be too long a wait.