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‘Ms. Marvel’ producer addresses how the people of Earth know the Guardians of the Galaxy

It's more simple than you may have expected.

Ms. Marvel
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Ms. Marvel showed off the fandom that exists within the MCU, and there was plenty to notice. One question that arises repeatedly among fans: how would the people of Earth know what the Guardians of the Galaxy look like? Well, there seems to be an answer.

Speaking to The Direct, Ms. Marvel producer Sana Amanat addressed the issue, suggesting that fans know of these heroes from the battle against Thanos.

“Right now there’s just an assumption. A big event like this? There’s gonna be some sort of recording elements of it. People have probably seen it, found a way to capture some of that footage.”

She continued, explaining that since they may have only gotten a glimpse of these characters, the people of Earth aren’t able to perfectly represent them in cosplay, nor know their real names.

“So I think the fun thing we played around with is what is their interpretation of the Guardians if they see them in the Battle of Earth and they have no idea who the Guardians look like? There’s a lot of fun playing around with the fact that they don’t even know their names and are making up names for them. I think they called Groot Mr. Tree. Rocket also had a terrible name, Raccoon-something. Star-Lord was Star-Boy. It was kind of funny spins of what people think the Guardians are called, and probably things that would make them very upset.”

Fans may have noticed some of these Easter eggs scattered around the convention in the show’s debut episode. Perhaps if we visit more fan-related events in the show we’ll get a chance to see even more.

Ms. Marvel has quickly become a favorite for both critics and fans, and while there’s only one episode available to stream right now, fans can check out a new episode on Disney Plus each Wednesday.

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