‘Ms. Marvel’ set photos hint at possible Spider-Man connection

Ms. Marvel
Image via Disney Plus/Marvel Studios

Upcoming Disney Plus series Ms. Marvel is currently undergoing reshoots in Atlanta, and the latest pics from the set tease a potential connection to the Spider-Man franchise. As her superhero alias makes clear, Kamala Khan is mostly linked to Captain Marvel, with the superpowered teen becoming a costumed hero to emulate her idol Carol Danvers. But it’s just possible the MCU show will tie her adventures into another hero’s adventures as well.

Some new photos from the shoot show star Iman Vellani in full costume as Ms. Marvel as she runs from danger. The fourth image is the most interesting, as it features two crew members lugging around a drone — a drone that’s somewhat reminiscent of those employed by Mysterio in Spider-Man: Far From Home. We’re pretty sure Jake Gyllenhaal isn’t going to turn up in this show, so what’s going on here?

Well, Kamala has faced drones during her appearances in other media. One of her rogues’ gallery, the Inventor, often employs them in his schemes.

There haven’t yet been rumors of the Inventor — a Thomas Edison clone that looks like a man-sized cockatoo, just so you know — appearing in Ms. Marvel. And Kamala did memorably battled some security drones in the Marvel’s Avengers video game. As that has to be her most notable role outside the comics to date, the show could be tipping its hat to the game with these drones.

But the fact that drones are so closely associated with Mysterio in the MCU will certainly get fans pondering the significance of their inclusion here. Again, Quentin Beck is unlikely to turn up, but remember that the master of illusions worked with a whole team of tech geniuses in Far From Home. It’s possible they’ve gone solo since Beck’s (supposed) death and that’s who Kamala will come up against.

Ms. Marvel is expected to blast onto Disney Plus sometime this summer.