Is That Ms. Marvel Show Finally About To Become A Reality?

As we all know, Captain Marvel (Carol Danvers) will make her big screen debut in 2019 – but what about the character who adopted her old mantle of Ms. Marvel, Kamala Khan?

The teenage Inhuman (well, she’s actually a human with Inhuman traits….but we won’t get into that here) has become a fairly popular hero since her introduction back in 2013, and the fact that she also happens to be a Muslim Pakistani American has led to many fans calling for a live-action adaptation sooner rather than later, given the current climate. In the past few years, there’s been a lot in the way of rumors and speculation pointing to the character getting her own television show, but so far, nothing’s materialized.

That could be about to change, though. Coming to us by way of Reddit (so take this with a grain of salt), a new report tells us that the secret John Ridley project over at Marvel that we’ve been hearing so much about is, in fact, a series featuring the young Khan. Apparently, development of the show is expected to be officially announced soon and while the original plan was to debut it on ABC, Freeform or Hulu may be options now as well.

Here’s the report in full:

The pilot of the show is being written by John Ridley, who worked on 12 Years A Slave and American Crime. While it was originally written with the intent for the character to debut on ABC, ABC Studios is also considering Freeform and Hulu as potential platforms for the show. The original pitch began development in the Spring of 2015, but following Marvel’s success on platforms outside of ABC, as well as changes to the schedule of Marvel Studios, in particularly the development and delays of the Captain Marvel film, have altered both the original script and the expected release timeline significantly.

The script has undergone several rewrites since its initial commission over two years ago, but development is expected to be officially announced soon, as John Ridley will be able to showrun the project himself following the cancellation of American Crime, which he had previously been working on during the show’s long development.

Again, given that this surfaced on Reddit, we’d approach it with caution. That being said, this is far from the first time Ridley has been linked to the superhero and with Captain Marvel getting ready to fly into theatres, the timing is perfect to give Khan her own television show. How it would tie into the wider MCU remains to be seen, but there would definitely have to be some sort of connection as you can’t have Ms. Marvel without Captain Marvel, seeing as it’s the latter who passes on the mantle to her.

For now, we’ll just have to sit tight and see if anything materializes, but while we wait, tell us, who would you like to see play the character if she does indeed get her own TV series? Sound off in the usual place!