‘Ms. Marvel’ star says the show ‘isn’t a political statement’

Ms. Marvel
Image via Disney

Ms. Marvel is now out on Disney Plus Wednesday and, ahead of its premiere, star Mohan Kapur is pre-emptively fighting back against the notion the show is wading into politics by having a Pakistani-American and her family be the focus of the story.

“I don’t think this series is shouting from the rooftops, saying ‘watch me, talking about representation.’ It’s a wonderful story of a community that’s so ethnically diverse and culturally rich and for me, coming from that region, I think it’s a fabulous up, because we suddenly say, ‘This is the Marvel Universe telling a story about our milieu.’ And it’s so beautifully and so subliminally translated over scenes, you know? […] And I’m sure that – I know this for a fact, from whatever little social media that I’m into – that side of the world is… they just can’t wait to see this happen. They say, ‘This is- This is us! This is us!’”

The man who plays Kamala Khan’s father Yusuf in the show says this at the recent Ms. Marvel global press conference WeGotThisCovered attended. While speaking about the project Kapur also says he hopes the work ends up giving other producers around the globe confidence to tackle different cultures and if Marvel can anyone else can, too.

“Now… if Marvel could run this juggernaut, it’s a big thing for the rest of the world and the other production houses to say, ‘If they could do it, they knew what they’re talking about, let us do it.’ And it’s going to be a roller coaster from here on, hopefully for the actors, for writers, directors, the entire caboodle to sit up and say, ‘Let’s do this. Let’s show their story and not shout from the rooftops.’”

Ms. Marvel will run for six episodes concluding July 13. It will serve as a lead-in to The Marvels film in 2023.