NBC Unveils Teaser For Heroes Reborn During The Super Bowl


There was once this show called Heroes. It aired on NBC and tapped into the superhero-obsessed zeitgeist long before anyone truly understood that such a market even existed. With half-a-dozen comic book-inspired TV series on the air right now, one might suggest that Heroes was ahead of its time, at least, before the show started its long death march to cancellation, declining in quality year after year till no one cared anymore.

Last year, NBC announced that they were planning on bringing back Heroes in 2015 as Heroes Reborn, and even though only two roles have been cast, and not a frame of footage has been captured, the network has used the occasion of the Super Bowl to tease the return of the show.

Though the preview is extremely brief, we see Jack Coleman returning as Noah “Horn-Rimmed Glasses” Bennet from the original series, and Chuck star Zachary Levi in a mysterious new role. We also get to see a little Inuit child wrap the Aurora Borealis around an eclipsing moon, which is a very cool image that evokes the imagery of Heroes’ first run back in 2006. That being said, making something look good and having it actually be good was something that creator Tim Kring lost touch with as the series went on. Here’s hoping that he can steer things back on track for the show’s return.

Heroes Reborn will premiere on NBC sometime later this year. Will you be tuning in? Sound off below!

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