NBC’s Office Spinoff The Farm Has Been Shelved

Despite the obvious reservations that the entire TV-watching world had when the creators of The Office said they were going to make a spinoff series focused around Rainn Wilson‘s Dwight, they went ahead and shot a pilot anyway, which can now be officially deemed a waste of money – the show, rumored to be called The Farm, has been shelved.

Rainn Wilson himself broke the “bad” news to his fans on Twitter:

“NBC has passed on moving forward with The Farm TV show. Had a blast making the pilot – onwards & upwards!”

Which means that, actually, it might not have been a waste of money at all. The decision to not make the show might have saved NBC money in the long run. Because people didn’t want really want a spinoff of The Office. They’re already not sure if they want see the actual Office anymore either. Didn’t Steve Carrell use to be in that show?

The point is that – although Rainn Wilson is brilliant and obviously deserves his own vehicle – this didn’t feel right.

The Office is coming to an end on its ninth season, which leaves a whole bunch of people to find work elsewhere. Wilson included.

Source: The A.V. Club