Negan Is Teased In This Prologue For The Next Episode Of The Walking Dead


Last night’s zombie-packed instalment of AMC’s The Walking Dead will be the last ’till next February, but the show definitely left us with quite a bit to digest while we anxiously await its return.

The midseason finale itself was seen as somewhat anti-climactic by many who had hoped for a major reveal or incident to close things out with. We did lose a main character (well, a main season 6 character) in Deanna, but other than that things were fairly uneventful as the final shot saw Rick and co. make their way through the herd while covered in walker entrails.

Still, the 2 minute tease of the next episode went some way towards remedying things, as we finally get a mention of the infamous Negan, who will be played by Watchmen actor Jeffrey Dean Morgan.

In the comics, this vicious thug is introduced in spectacularly violent fashion as he takes a baseball bat wrapped with barbed wire to one of the best-loved characters in the story… repeatedly. Will one of our small-screen heroes share the same grisly fate? We’ll have to tune in next year to find out.

Tell us. were you happy with the midseason finale of The Walking Dead? And, how do you think Negan will debut, and who will be on the receiving end of “Lucille”? Sound off below and let us know.