Negan’s Victim From The Walking Dead Season 7 Premiere Explains His Final Words


In last night’s episode of The Walking Dead, both Abraham and Glenn were brutally murdered by Negan. The former was the first of the villain’s victims, and after being hit once with Lucille, he stared him dead in the eyes and said – much to the amusement of Negan – “suck my nuts.” Glenn’s final words, on the other hand, were quite different. With his eye bulging out and his head already partly caved in, he (barely) was able to say, “Maggie, I’ll find you.”

In the comics, Glenn died in the exact same way, but only managed to say Maggie’s name before he met his maker. Asked for his take on why the fan-favourite character said what he did in the episode last night, actor Steven Yeun explained:

“I think Glenn was fighting to find words and ‘Maggie, I’ll find you’ was a callback to another experience and another time when he really was trying to find her. Maybe it was a subconscious thought or maybe something he held onto for a while that was his driving force, and when he got smashed in the head, it just brought it to the forefront. There are so many ways to look at it.”

While it would be nice to think that Glenn was trying to get a message out to Maggie, it’s a lot more believable to imagine that his final words were a result of some pretty severe brain damage. Still, it was nice to see The Walking Dead provide a callback of sorts here, as it was during season 4 when the two were separated that Glenn made this proclamation a number of times.

Tell us, what did you think of Glenn’s final moments in last night’s episode of The Walking Dead? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section down below.

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