Neil Gaiman Returns To Doctor Who

Neil Gaiman and The Doctor

Neil Gaiman and The Doctor

According to Deadline, author Neil Gaiman (whose works include Stardust and American Gods) is returning to write a second Doctor Who episode. The author’s first episode was The Doctor’s Wife back in season six, which explored the idea of The Doctor’s ship, The TARDIS, having a consciousness. The episode was well received by fans and won Gaiman a Hugo award.

Gaiman’s new script will bring back the Cybermen, a terrifying race of cyborgs who conquer the galaxy through assimilation, much like the Borg from the Star Trek series. The Cybermen have not been seen since the 2011 episode, Closing Time, in which they invaded a department store.

Co-starring in this episode will be Warwick Davis from the Harry Potter franchise with Stephen Woolfenden, who worked as a second-unit director on the Harry Potter films, directing.

Doctor Who will return for the 2012 Christmas Special, introducing the next companion played by Jenna-Louise Coleman (who appeared earlier this season in The Asylum of the Daleks) before returning for its seventh season this Spring.

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