Neil Gaiman surprised by fan demands for new ‘The Sandman’ Netflix icon

Neil Gaiman is giving a tip of the hat to fan persistence related to his The Sandman series on Netflix.

The streaming service often has characters from its shows that users can use as a profile icon. But one fan-favorite character from The Sandman is missing from the available icons to choose from.

“The Corinthian appears to be trending on my dashboard because… there isn’t a Corinthian icon on Netflix? Fair enough,” Gaiman wrote in a Twitter post while sharing a meme about people’s passion for the requested feature.

One Twitter user theorized “Corinthian” may have been trending due to a soccer match that occurred Wednesday involving the Brazilian Sport Club Corinthians Paulista going head to head with the Flamengo Sport Club. However, Gaiman clarified why he believes no one was talking about soccer when “Corinthian” was trending.

“That was my guess. But my dashboard when I clicked was Boyd Holbrook fans all the way down…”

Gaiman also took the opportunity about all the buzz regarding The Sandman getting renewed for season two to signal-boost an impressive fan cosplay of the Corinthian.

And of course, it wasn’t long until fans submitted their own images Netflix could use as a profile icons for fans to choose from.

One Twitter user tried using a cute meme of a kitty to tip the scales on the situation, writing, “cmon neil tell netflix to give us the corinthian icon pls.”

“[I] was so excited for the corinthian icon,” another The Sandman fan wrote while sharing an angry Oscar Isaac meme.

Even though Boyd Holbrook’s the Corinthian was turned into a miniature skull by Tom Sturridge’s Dream at the end of The Sandman‘s first season, we think he would be a welcome presence amongst fans should they choose to revive the character in a future season.