Neil Gaiman Wants To Write A Doctor Who Episode For Jodie Whittaker


Sci-fi/fantasy icon Neil Gaiman’s currently enjoying a boon of adaptations based on his novels. For instance, Starz’s American GodsAmazon’s Good Omens and the recent movie How to Talk to Girls at Parties. As if all that wasn’t enough for him to handle at the moment, one of the things at the top of the writer’s to-do list seems to be pening some adventures for a character he didn’t create and return to the world of Doctor Who

Gaiman made a big impact on the show when he wrote “The Doctor’s Wife” – the one where the TARDIS becomes a woman – back in 2011 and soon returned due to popular demand for the 2013 season, when he wrote Cyberman story “Nightmare in Silver.” It’s been 5 years since he last worked for the show, though, and a lot’s changed in the time since – he’s missed the entirety of the Twelfth Doctor’s era, for one.

The author’s keen not to miss new Doctor Jodie Whittaker’s tenure in the TARDIS, though, and told Digital Spy that he’d love to script an episode for her.

“If you examine my DNA and you go in deep enough, with a good enough microscope, you’re gonna see a TARDIS, with a little light blinking on the top! So the idea of writing for Jodie, or for her successor, whoever she / he / they happen to be, is… yeah, it’s Doctor Who! You can’t say no.”

Gaiman went on to say that he’s “frustrated” by the fact that he never got to write for Peter Capaldi’s Doctor and even revealed that he had an episode planned for Time Lord No. 12, but his showrunning commitments on Good Omens prevented him from getting it to screen.

“I was so frustrated over the last four years because I didn’t get to write for Peter Capaldi. I even had a planned episode and did not get to do it, because I’ve been making Good Omens and that’s been my life.”

We’re sure most Doctor Who fans would welcome another Neil Gaiman-penned episode, even if his second effort wasn’t as well thought of as his first. Season 11 saw showrunner Chris Chibnall bring in an all-new writing team, but just maybe he’ll relax his rules and pull in an old favorite like Gaiman for the upcoming run. Fingers crossed, eh?

Source: Digital Spy