Marvel TV Head Says They Were Blindsided By Netflix Cancellations

The Punisher

While most people know Marvel for the films they’ve put out recently, they also have a whole smattering of offerings on the smaller screen. Netflix had five big guns in the forms of Jessica Jones, Iron FistDaredevilThe Punisher and Luke Cage. All save for ol’ Fistboy were received fairly well and we even got to see most of them team up in The Defenders, which I hear was…okay? In any case, many fans were shocked when the shows were cancelled in a relatively short timespan.

It wasn’t only us viewers who were taken by surprise though, as the studio was also caught off-guard. Marvel Television chief Jeph Loeb sat down with Deadline the other day to talk about the current state of Marvel TV, and the subject quickly moved towards the subject of the sudden ending of the fan favorite Netflix shows.

Here’s what he had to say about it:

The hardest part was while the situation at Netflix of which I really can’t go into other than to say that we were blindsided and the things that were to come weren’t finished yet. We weren’t ready to announce that, so there was this space in between it, so it did look like maybe we were going to go out Then suddenly, we were arising again like the Phoenix.

Now, some of those things to come are actually already coming. Marvel has struck up numerous deals with Disney Plus to start shoveling out content on the streaming platform. Still, it’s not hard to believe that the studio was blindsided by the move, especially when it came to the cancellation of Daredevil, which had just aired its best season yet.

While the sudden cancellations of those beloved Marvel TV series certainly stung, hopefully the fresh, new content coming to Disney Plus will be just as good, if not better. Granted, you can’t really get any worse that Iron Fist, amirite? Eh? Eh.