Netflix Marvel shows coming to Disney Plus next month


Fans were shocked when it was revealed that Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, Iron Fist, The Punisher, and The Defenders were poised to wrap up their respective residencies on Netflix, if only for the fact the roster of comic book shows had proven so popular among subscribers.

Of course, it was obvious that they’d end up making their way to Disney Plus or Hulu eventually, but it’s happening a lot sooner than anyone would have thought. As you can see below, the entire lineup will be premiering on the Mouse House’s streaming service on March 16, which is only a couple of weeks away.

The most pressing question surrounding the imminent arrival of the Defenders shows is whether or not they’re going to be edited or altered at all. Disney Plus doesn’t stream R-rated content as a rule, and all of the Marvel projects came bearing a TV-MA rating, while they each featured plenty of blood, brutal violence, and profanity.

There’s going to be an uproar if the family-friendly studio takes the scissors to a beloved set of fan favorites (and Iron Fist), so we’re very curious to see if New York City’s street-level superheroes will land in their original, unfiltered and unedited form.