Netflix Scoops Up International Rights To Star Trek TV Series


Continuing to bolster its lineup of enticing properities, it’s been confirmed today that Netflix has scooped up international rights for the new Star Trek TV series after penning a deal with CBS.

That means within 24 hours of its US premiere on the network, Netflix users across the globe – 188 countries, to be exact – will be able to revel in CBS’ rebooted series.

It’ll feature new characters, a new ship and new missions to boot, but if you’re an old-school Trekkie, don’t fret; Netflix’s deal also comprises all 727 episodes of previous series, including Star Trek: The Original Series, Star Trek: The Next Generation, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Star Trek: Voyager and Star Trek: Enterprise.

In ensuring Netflix becomes the one-stop hub of all things Star Trek overseas, an official statement from Armando Nunez, president and CEO at CBS Studios, revealed:

“The launch of the new ‘Star Trek’ will truly be a global television event. ‘Star Trek’ is a worldwide phenomenon and this international partnership will provide fans around the world, who have been craving a new series for more than a decade, the opportunity to see every episode virtually at the same time as viewers in the U.S. Thanks to our world-class partners at Netflix, the new ‘Star Trek’ will definitely be ‘hailing on all frequencies’ throughout the planet.”

Spanning 13 episodes in total, CBS’ rebooted Star Trek TV series is on course to make its bow in early 2017. Alex Kurtzman and Bryan Fuller are the brains behind the fresh start, who have each built up a catalogue of Trek-related writing credits across movies and television.

Elsewhere, Paramount is confident of pushing ahead with a fourth mainline feature film in its rebooted timeline, welcoming back Chris Hemsworth as Papa Kirk.

Source: Netflix