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Netflix’s Flaked Renewed For Season 2

Despite its paltry reviews and failure to register with mainstream audiences, Flaked is getting another season on Netflix, the streaming service confirmed on social media.

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Despite its paltry reviews and failure to register with mainstream audiences, Flaked is getting another season on Netflix, the streaming service confirmed on social media.

Posting on Flaked‘s official Facebook page, Netflix wrote, “We’re headed back to Venice for #Flaked Season 2. Can we stay in your guest house?” A return date for the second season was listed simply as 2017.

The series, set in the insular California city of Venice, follows Chip (Arnett) as he struggles with the deterioration of his image and sobriety even while falling for the beautiful London (Ruth Kearney) despite the rift this creates between him and his best friend, Dennis (David Sullivan).

It’s been well-established that Netflix doesn’t exactly operate by typical cable-network laws. Its pricey historical epic Marco Polo was far from the Game of Thrones-style smash that the streaming service had clearly hoped it would be, yet it was picked up for a second season with rumors of a third coming down the pipeline. And the less said about Hemlock Grove, the better, though it too eked out a multi-season run.

And so, it perhaps shouldn’t be too surprising that Flaked, a relatively low-budget project of personal significance to Arnett, is coming back. Netflix has been loath to cut ties to any of its originals, and renewing Flaked keeps the service that much closer to Arnett and Arrested Development creator Mitch Hurwitz, both of whom would be indispensable in terms of bringing Arrested Development back for a long-rumored fifth season.

Additionally, Arnett has a strong, dramatic plan in mind for the show’s second season, which will find Chip leaning on Dennis in an earnest attempt to get sober. Given the actor’s current ubiquity (he’s the lead voice actor on BoJack Horseman and is juggling dual voice-acting and live-action roles in the LEGO and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles franchises, respectively), Netflix is likely more than happy to let him pursue his passion project and hope that reviews improve.

Flaked returns next year.

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