New 24-hour Elvis streaming channel aims to be as big as the King

Austin Butler as Elvis
via Warner Bros.

From 1935-77, Elvis Presley left an indelible mark on America’s cultural landscape and with the movie about him now available in a theater near you, a new, continuously broadcast streaming channel, is stepping up to get people to stop, look and listen to his lifetime’s work.

Per Variety, Cinedigm, Elvis Presley Enterprises and the Authentic Brands Group are announcing the Elvis Presley Channel is now available on platforms in the U.S. representing more than 100 million devices like LG Channels, Amazon Freevee, Vizio’s WatchFree+, Comcast’s Xumo, Plex, Allen Media Group’s Local Now and Dish Network’s Sling TV. The space will perpetually host Elvis concerts, documentaries, specials and movies for free and Cinedigm representative Erick Opeka says the project is intended to honor the singer and please fans who are as multi-faceted as the songs Presley performed over time.

“It’s about honoring Elvis and the brand, and doing it in a big way. Elvis Presley is an iconic performer whose global appeal transcends across generations and a diverse range of fans.”

Content on offer will be presented in two 12-hour blocks and will be refreshed with more than 100 hours of content every month. There will be looks at Friends of Elvis, Elvis’s Favorites, Elvis-inspired Reality and Lifestyle Programming, African American Artists That Inspired Elvis and ’50s Rock N’ Roll Rebel Movies.

In addition to a look at the man Austin Butler recently brought back to life, there will also be airings of Elvis’s favorite shows and films like The Beverly Hillbillies and Angel and the Badman. The channel was set to launch earlier this year, but those behind the idea opted to time its debut around the current Elvis film instead. The channel will be ad-supported and, given the King’s fan base and their passion, Cinedigm’s Matt Abruzzo says he was a natural fit.

“The Elvis fandom is incredibly passionate, and when it comes to serving enthusiastic fan bases, no one does it better than Cinedigm.”

Elvis appeared in 33 films during his lifetime and has sold more than one billion records to date.