New Arrow Images Tease Big Things To Come For Wild Dog

The CW has released a new batch of preview images for Arrow today and in them, we get to see what appears to be a very different sort of adventure for the team. With gun runners making their presence felt in Star City, it looks like it’ll be Wild Dog who steps up to try and save the day as Oliver Queen finds himself busy with his mayoral duties.

As a result, it’s promised that we’re going to learn more about the vigilante’s past, an area that the show has so far only teased following his debut in the season 5 premiere. For more on what to expect from this episode of Arrow – titled “Spectre of the Gun” – here’s the official synopsis:

A traumatic attack on City Hall triggers painful memories for Rene (Rick Gonzalez) about his family. Flashbacks reveal how Rene went from simple family man to a hero named Wild Dog. Meanwhile, Oliver (Stephen Amell) must deal with the perpetrator behind the attack and realizes the best way to do so is as Mayor Queen instead of the Green Arrow. Tensions run high in the Arrow bunker. Kristin Windell directed the episode written by Marc Guggenheim.

In the comic books, Rene’s girlfriend was gunned down in front of him and he later learned that she was secretly the daughter of a crime boss she’d run away from in order to start a new life. Whether or not we’ll get something similar here remains to be seen, but based on the information above, it sounds like his past tragedy could be referring to his entire family.

One of the better additions to Team Arrow this year, it should be a lot of fun learning more about Wild Dog’s past. After all, it’ll no bad thing to have his backstory fleshed out a little, and the focus being taken off Prometheus and Russia for at least one week certainly isn’t going to hurt Arrow too much.

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