New Rapid-Fire Teaser For Dexter Season 7

Showtime once again tantalizes fans by cutting a brand-new 15-second teaser for Dexter season 7. There is, as always, a catch though. The teaser flashes a couple dozen scenes in the span of 9-seconds. Luckily, you can view many of these shots in the gallery below, as you speculate what might unfold in the upcoming season.

It seems as though Showtime is keeping details about season 7 extremley close to their chests. Is it going to be that juicy? Since the beginning, Dexter fans awaited the moment where Deb would finally figure out her brother is the vigilante responsible for the murders throughout the series. Now that she’s finally seen him in the act, the stakes are going to be raised tremendously for season 7.

From the looks of it, the upcoming season of Dexter could very well exceed its predecessors.

Dexter returns to Showtime for its seventh season on Sunday, September 30th.

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