New Photo From The Flash Season 5 Sees Barry And Nora In Action


Season 5 of The Flash will see the Scarlet Speedster facing a whole new demanding task that will take all of his abilities and ingenuity to pull off: being a dad. At the end of season 4, Barry Allen and Iris West found out that their super-powered daughter from the future, Nora, had travelled back in time. This will likely cause a lot of personal upheaval for the couple, but at least for the Flash, it’ll mean he gets a new partner in crime-fighting.

Hammering home that point is Variety, who’ve just premiered a new still from the season 5 opener which showcases Barry and Nora taking some daddy-daughter time. Which, in their case, means tackling some superhero work down by the docks in Central City. The image gives us a new look at both Nora’s costume and Barry’s revamped Flash outfit, too.

Check it out below:

Nora’s superhero costume – she goes by the name of XS, for those who don’t know – is adapted from Iris’ speedster outfit when she temporarily got Barry’s powers in season 4. Her version has a unique logo on it, though, which recalls the comic book XS, a descendant of the West-Allen family from the far future/member of the Legion of Super-Heroes.

As for Barry’s costume, this is perhaps the biggest change to the Flash’s look since the show began. Previous costume tweaks have just played around with the color, but this one’s made of an entirely different material. Noticeably, it also lacks the chin guard that’s featured in every version of the suit to date. Within the show, this will be the alternate costume Nora brought with her from the future, contained within the iconic Flash ring.

Star Grant Gustin has previously teased that the season premiere contains a hugely ambitious action sequence that will leave fans blown away. Presumably, this scene will make use of the two speedsters, making us think the photo above may come from that part of the episode. It’s certainly possible, and we’ll find out for sure when The Flash season 5 hits The CW on Tuesday, October 9th.

Source: Variety