New Girl Review: “Longest Night Ever” (Season 3, Episode 9)


After Nick leaves, Jess is left alone with Schmidt. She’s reticent about this because, her punching skills not being up to par, he and she both know that Jess is powerless to prevent Schmidt doing basically whatever he wants. He behaves at first, but it’s Jess who persuades him that they should leave the apartment and go find Schmidt a woman. She takes him to Nick’s bar, and introduces him to a woman whom he uses as a lookout to escape when Jess isn’t looking. She gives chase as Schmidt runs towards the stadium, eventually catching up to him in her car, whereupon he tells her that the only way to stop him is to run him over in her car.

She does this, only a little – just a tap – and Schmidt’s reaction is priceless. Absolutely hilarious. Classic Schmidt, you might say, someone who has been sadly absent for the last few episodes. It’s great to see Schmidt slowly breaking away from being the heartbroken love cheat, even though he’s still a long way off being over Cece. Seeing Cece and Coach kissing by his building allows him to see how great a fit they are too, which speaks of his maturity, and he eventually comes to accept that someday he’ll get over her.

A more mature Schmidt? Could it be? It certainly looks like it.

Random Robservations:

  • Nick’s smile through gritted teeth and “I don’t know what’s going on” summed up everyone’s feelings about Bertie and Winston, I think. Tender, but odd.
  • Two people bonding over bologna. “It gets softer when you suck it.” Blimey.
  • They mentioned Homeland! That’s my other show! SYNERGY.
  • Jess should really work on her punches and slapping.
  • She also wins this week’s Funniest Facial Expression, for when she first punches Schmidt.

More New Girl next week!