New Gotham Photos Demand You “Smile Like You Mean It”

Having been recently treated to a grisly new photo of Jerome Valeska courtesy of actor Cameron Monaghan, Fox has thankfully released more images from the second episode of Gotham to air this January, titled “Smile Like You Mean It.” As of now, it remains unclear whether the “Mad City” storyline will continue with these installments or if the network will soon release a new subtitle for the remainder of the season, a la’ season 2 being divided with “Rise of the Villains” and “Wrath of the Villains.”

While they are quite dynamic, the newly released bounty of promo photos don’t hint at the plot of the episode as much as the one of Jerome lying on the slab does. On the positive side, they assure us that many key characters will be putting in appearances and, if we’re to infer anything from what’s been provided, it’s probably a sure bet that Bruce Wayne will continue in his quest to take down the Court of Owls. After all, when we last saw him, he and Selina Kyle were rescued from certain death at the hands of Talon by the future Catwoman’s estranged mother.

Although Edward Nygma’s absent from the gallery, we can’t rule out his appearance as his conspiring with Barbara and Tabitha against Penguin will likely be a major thread going forward. And, as we can see, those two Sirens will indeed show up along with Oswald Cobblepot himself, who looks like the walls are closing in on him, so to speak.

Gotham makes its return on Monday, January 16th on Fox, with “Smile Like You Mean It” airing one week later on the 23rd.