New Gotham Promo Heralds Jerome’s Return


Although the fall finale of Gotham certainly did contain many exciting moments and will most definitely be discussed later this week in our next DC TV Roundup, it may very well be the trailer that ran at its conclusion that garnered the most attention. The reason, of course, being that it promised the return of Jerome in early 2017.

Despite it already having been established that Jerome, the proto-Joker, would return for certain at some point and a Joker cult would be seen during the second half of season 3, the revelation that he himself will show up when the series resumes blindsided us all.

While the footage provided is enough to give any Joker fan chills, we can’t help but notice that the only time we see actor Cameron Monaghan’s face is when footage from season 2 is shown. It’s very possible that he’s the man sporting Joker-like clothing – albeit not purple – while facing the crowd, so we hope this trailer is not a feign, lest the masses rebel.

Coupled with the knowledge that there have been discussions to bring in Harley Quinn, the timing couldn’t be better to showcase proto versions of these characters with both riding high in the wake of the success of Suicide Squad. The beauty of a prequel series is that it doesn’t really step on the toes of whatever is going on in the feature films, making this somewhat comparable to when Superman Returns arrived in cinemas while Smallville was still on the small screen.

As of now, no official synopsis for the next episode of Gotham has been provided, but you can take solace in knowing that it will return in January.