New Gotham Trailer And Poster Reveal A “Mad City”


Unbelievably strong winds of change are set to blow through Gotham when the Batman prequel series returns in a few short weeks, as evidenced by the trailer above. As we can see, Jim Gordon is becoming a bit more of a loose cannon, Penguin is evermore brazen and confident, Fish Mooney seeks to build an army, and Bruce Wayne continues to stride toward destiny.

In relation to that, a dynamic new poster revealed by The Hollywood Reporter (seen below) sees Gordon prominently holding a snow globe containing various villains already established on the series along with Maggie Geha as the aged up Poison Ivy.


What’s equally interesting is that is reveals the official tagline for Season 3 – or at least part of it: “Mad City.” I say part of it because you no doubt remember the second season was divided into two parts, those being “Rise of the Vilains” and “Wrath of the Villains.” Some may point out that “Heroes Will Fall” was spoken aloud at San Diego Comic-Con last month, but that title never really made its way onto any official promotional material.

Executive producer John Stephens shed some light on what this tagline means in regard to the show’s immediate future when speaking with THR:

“In season three you’re really going to see how villains have taken up residence inside the city. The villains have become more and more a part of the fabric of the city of Gotham. It’s less and less a police show like it was in season one. It’s a natural continuation of that in season three.”

It seems like the show is going through a natural progression: The first season was a big more on the procedural side; the second started to gear more toward focusing on what makes the villains tick; and the third almost looks to go whole hog when it comes to showcasing the city’s most vile.

Gotham returns for its third season on Monday, September 19 on Fox – and in case you couldn’t tell, we’re giddy with anticipation to see what the writers have in store for us this year.

gotham season 3 poster

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