New Hawkeye Image Features Hailee Steinfeld In Role She Learned Archery For

hawkeye kate bishop
Image via Disney Plus/Marvel Studios

Marvel’s Hawkeye is poised to give us a deeper look at more than just Jeremy Renner’s Clint Barton character —  with Hailee Steinfeld taking on the comic book favorite character Kate Bishop.

And we’re now getting new insights into just what effort Steinfeld has poured into the role — as well as a new image showcasing her character.

Method acting has long been a staple of Hollywood actors. Actors might lose weight, gain weight, or develop a new skill to better embody a role. Paul Newman famously learned to play pool for The Hustler, and Adrien Brody really learned to play piano for The Pianist. In that same tradition, it seems Steinfeld is also taking on a similarly athletic approach for her upcoming role as she apparently really learned archery in preparation for it.

Take a look at Steinfeld donning a bow in this new image from the show, as first shared by Empire:

“My archery is now quite good … Kate is self-taught and it was important to me to take it on myself, to be there by the time we started shooting.”

Kate Bishop is a character who, according to the comic series, is a young archer that looks up to Clint Barton — and both characters are called Hawkeye as well.

Steinfeld explained that the desire to do good and follow in Clint’s footsteps is central to Kate’s character. After idolizing him for years, Kate unexpectedly embarks on a “wild ride” with Clint, Steinfeld explained.

Similar to Disney Plus’s WandaVision, Loki, and The Falcon And The Winter Soldier, Hawkeye is poised to give audiences a more extended storyline for heroes who had a smaller role within the MCU, with Renner’s Clint Barton being a regular hero in the films ever since premiering in Thor.

Hawkeye comes to Disney Plus Nov. 24.