New House Of Cards Season 4 Clip Has Frank Present A Brooding Presidential Portrait


Up until now, Netflix’s marketing campaign for House of Cards season 4 has proven to be as cool and calculated as Kevin Spacey’s machiavellian Frank Underwood, who returns in less than two weeks’ time to fight for another term in the oval office.

It’s a plight that takes center stage in today’s brooding new clip for the political drama, and yes, Frank Underwood’s 2016 campaign is in full swing. Even when it comes to something as ordinary as presenting a presidential portrait at the Smithsonian, there’s a sinister air emanating from Spacey’s power-hungry protagonist, played up in wonderful fashion with those gleeful nods to the camera.

Robin Wright’s First Lady remains absent in today’s teaser, and as if it wasn’t clear already, Netflix’s brief logline for House of Cards season 4 tees up a battle between the once-ironclad couple: “Frank and Claire continue their pursuit for power, battling everyone in their way, including each other.”

Joining Wright and Spacey for another stint in Washington’s corridors of power are Kim Dickens (Gone Girl), Jenna Stern, Michael Kelly as Frank’s right-hand man Doug, Mahershala Ali, Jayne Atkinson and Lars Mikkelsen as the conniving Russian president.

Netflix will premiere the next chapter of Frank and Claire Underwood’s relentless pursuit of power come March 4, when all 13 episodes of House of Cards season 4 will be available to stream for you binging pleasure.

Source: FU2016

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