New images from HBO’s The Last of Us show Gabriel Luna’s Tommy

the last of us

A pair of new set photos and video from HBO’s upcoming adaptation of The Last of Us emerged online this week, giving fans their first glimpse of Gabriel Luna’s take on the character Tommy.

The photos, which are available to view below, don’t reveal too much. The first shows Luna simply standing around on set with a mask on, presumably in adherence with the set’s COVID protocols. The second photo offers a better look at Luna’s unmasked and mustachioed face. A short video, which can also be viewed below, shows Pedro Pascal’s Joel, Bella Ramsay’s Ellie, and Luna’s Tommy on set together.

The Last of Us is the story of an apocalypse-inducing pandemic of a human strain of cordyceps, a real-life fungus that typically invades the brains of insects and compels them to spread their spores to other members of their species. The narrative follows Joel, who has managed to survive for 20 years in post-apocalyptic America when he discovers a young girl named Ellie, who appears immune to infection. Joel and Ellie set off in search of the Fireflies, an insurgent faction who they hope can use Ellie’s immunity to find a cure.

Diego plays Joel’s brother, Tommy, who lives in a small rural village with a group of survivors. If the show is sticking close to the narrative of the game, the images most likely show the cast filming scenes that won’t air until late into the series’ first season, after Joel and Ellie have already made their way to Tommy’s village. The Last of Us series is set for release sometime in 2022.