New Loki Theory Explains Why The TVA Didn’t Have A Mind Stone


All it took was a throwaway gag in Loki to both ignite the fury of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and make it perfectly clear that the Time Variance Authority are perhaps the single most powerful organization ever introduced into the long-running superhero series.

When Tom Hiddleston’s God of Mischief is in the midst of having exposition dump on top of exposition dump dropped on his head to establish who the TVA are, what their purpose is and how they operate, he discovers that even the low level office drones have stacks of Infinity Stones lying around, to the extent that they’re being used as paperweights.

Naturally, some fans didn’t appreciate the Infinity Saga’s most powerful item being treated in an off-handed fashion, but it makes sense that the TVA would gather the shiny trinkets from any pruned timelines, which would in effect render them useless anyway. However, the Mind Stone was a notable absentee.

A new theory offers up a couple of possible explanations as to why, though. One of them isn’t very exciting, and posits that the drawers only showed one day’s worth of Stones collected from all of reality, which is something worth exploring in itself in a future season of Loki if the TVA is stumbling upon dozens of them on a regular basis.

The second explanation ties it to WandaVision, after Agatha Harkness claimed it had the ability to amplify Scarlet Witch’s powers, and didn’t cause them as had been hinted before. Vision explained during the finale that the Mind Stone had transferred some of its power over to Wanda, which is why she could recreate him in WestView, and given that she’s a Nexus being, the TVA might have a little more trouble stopping her as it’s tied to her vastly increased powers. It’s not official canon by any stretch, but it’s still fun to think about.