New Look At The Flash And XS’ Costumes Revealed


The Flash starts back up again in just a handful of weeks, and the opening episode of season 5 – titled “Nora” – will ring in a lot of changes. Following on from the shock reveal of the season 4 finale, Barry Allen and Iris West will be reeling from the news that their daughter from the future has traveled to the present. And she’s a speedster – who goes by the name of XS. While this will likely lead to some complicated family dynamics at home, at least this means that the Scarlet Speedster has a new sidekick to help him keep Central City safe.

Going by set photos, there’ll be a lot of the Flash and XS teaming up and having some quality daddy-daughter time. XS’s purple and white costume also looks to be a very faithful replication of a similar character – Legion of Super-Heroes member Jenni Ognats, descendant of the West-Allens – from the comics. Barry himself will have a new look, too. Ditching the leather outfit he’s been wearing for the past four years, this season will see the introduction of a more traditional bright red spandex suit.

A fresh look at the two characters wearing their superhero costumes in action has materialized online and you can check it out in the gallery below:

As you’ve probably seen, the new Flash suit has received mixed reactions so far, with some loving the more comics-accurate look while others are criticizing it for coming off as too goofy. You can sympathize with both opinions as well. It’s awesome how bright the suit is, as it was always kind of a disappointment that the previous costume was so dark, but something about that the missing chin strap and the new helmet just seems off in this set photo.

That said, this is just a snap taken by a fan and therefore we can’t really judge how the suit will look when touched up on screen. In any case, we’ll be able to catch father and daughter in action together when The Flash season 5 kicks off on The CW on October 9th.

Source: Instagram