New Photos Of Jodie Whittaker’s Doctor Who Costume Surface


Love it or hate it (and some people really do hate it), it’s hard to forget the newly-unveiled costume that Jodie Whittaker will be wearing in Doctor Who season 11. There’s the rainbow-striped shirt, the TARDIS-blue culottes, the bright yellow braces, the cream-coloured coat… Actually, scratch that last one.

Shortly after the initial costume reveal, we learned that the Thirteenth Doctor’s coat isn’t cream-coloured or grey or beige at all but is actually a very light blue. And that’s something which is even more evident in the new photos we have for you today seen in the gallery down below. Granted, they’re fairly similar to what we originally got, but again, they do hammer home the fact that the coat is definitely not cream-coloured.

With her blue trousers, socks and coat, No. 13 is going for a very TARDIS-themed outfit, it seems, and we’re definitely digging it. Speaking of the time travelling ship, it too has undergone a change for the upcoming eleventh season – as expected.

The previous model used throughout Matt Smith and Peter Capaldi’s tenures on the show was a much deeper blue, with white-rimmed windows and a St. John’s Ambulance logo on the door. In contrast, Whittaker’s TARDIS will be much closer to the model used throughout most of the classic series, which should please longterm Whovians.

Of course, with Doctor Who not set to return to our screens until the spring, it’ll probably be some time yet before we get any further looks at Whittaker and her controversial costume. Still, as we get through the winter months, more and more will begin to surface and as soon as we have another look at season 11, we’ll be sure to let you know!