New ‘Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin’ Stills

Image via HBO Max

With so much speculation and excitement about Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin, fans have been waiting for just the teeniest bit of content from the show. Today, though, Entertainment Weekly posted six new stills from the series, and even dropped when the show would be premiering on HBOMax!

According to the EW article, Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin has a soft release date of Summer 2022. As seen in the newly-released stills from episodes one and two, the new liars all have distinct looks and fashion senses, which is reminiscent of the original series.

Bailee Madison, who plays pregnant teen Imogen, was a super fan of the original series, and was hesitant about this one until getting her hands on the script. After realizing it wasn’t a reboot of the show, and instead presented “a reimagination of what worked so well and what people loved, but we’re leaning into the horror and the mystery of it all.”

Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin is a spinoff of the original Pretty Little Liars series that aired from 2010-2017 on ABCFamily, now renamed Freeform. The plot has been kept mostly under wraps, except for the basics; the plot follows a group of teens in Pennsylvania as they deal with anonymous threats from an anonymous source. All we know about this source, so far, is that it has something to do with what their parents did back when they were still in school.

Both fans of the original series, and new fans who are excited for this reimagining, are on the edges of their seats waiting for more information. While the stills are small, there’s sure to be some fans picking apart every detail about them in order to find more information. Even though fans are still awaiting a trailer, this should definitely tide them over for a while!