New Rumor Reaffirms That Flashpoint Will Integrate Supergirl Into DC TV Universe

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Ever since it was confirmed that Supergirl was moving from CBS to The CW, fan theories as to how the show will be integrated into the already established DC TV universe have reached critical mass. The most common, in addition to being one of the most plausible, is that The Flash’s “Flashpoint” story arc will provide some continuity cleanup, effectively bringing the Girl of Steel and her supporting cast into the fold.

Personally, I felt that December’s four-way crossover between Supergirl, The Flash, Arrow, and DC’s Legends of Tomorrow would be where everything would go down, because “Flashpoint” would seemingly affect only one universe.


But, then again, the comic book story for which it is named not only saw a rewriting of the DC Universe proper’s timeline, but also integrated characters and concepts from Vertigo and Wildstorm’s respective universes. Anything is possible when we’re talking science fiction.

The folks over at Bleeding Cool claim that an official announcement regarding this is on the way and provided the following details:

As of the upcoming Flashpoint crossover storyline, Supergirl will now be a part of the main DC TV universe. Only Barry Allen will know that they were once separate… any remaining continuity issues will be handwaved as “a time traveller did it”.

Adding fuel to the fire, Arrow star Stephen Amell posted the following picture on Twitter.

While it’s certainly no secret that all of The CW’s superhero shows shoot in Vancouver and there’s definitely a family vibe among the various casts, the fact that Green Arrow, Flash, Atom, Supergirl, and White Canary are all hanging out in costume is quite suspicious. December’s four-way crossover likely won’t begin shooting for some time, so it begs the question as to why everyone is in the same room. Perhaps “Flashpoint” will indeed tie everything together early on.

Supergirl returns for its second season on Monday, October 10 on The CW.