New Sherlock Season 4 Promo: Did You Miss Me?

Piccadilly Circus gets an unexpected makeover in the unsettling new promo for Sherlock season 4.

Posted through the official Facebook feed, the brief clip is situated in London’s famous West End junction, where we see digital advertisements being hacked to first display season 4’s key art – a flooded 221B Baker Street, essentially – before Moriarty’s face pops up accompanied with his by-now iconic slogan, “did you miss me?”

And though it’s exciting to learn that Sherlock Holmes will have to contend with the ghosts of his past in a few weeks’ time, the biggest addition to Mark Gatiss and Steven Moffat’s hit drama is arguably Toby Jones, who clinched the part of Culverton Smith earlier in the year. Described as the purest form of evil, co-creators Gatiss and Moffat believe Smith stands as Sherlock’s biggest threat yet, and considering that the character attempted to poison Arthur Conan Doyle’s legendary sleuth in the original Adventures of the Dying Detective novel, we’re inclined to believe them.

As for Professor Moriarty, the real question is whether these antics on display are being enacted posthumously. Is Moriarty pulling the strings from beyond the grave? Or did Andrew Scott’s trickster really survive a bullet to the brain? All will hopefully be revealed in the coming weeks.

On Sunday, January 1, Sherlock season 4 will begin with “The Six Thatchers.” Eager to refresh your memory going into the season 4 premiere? Look no further than this handy supercut, which compiles all the main events from the past three seasons – “The Abominable Bride” included – for your viewing pleasure.