3 New TV Shows You Should Be Watching This Season But Probably Aren’t

The bulk of the attention from audiences and TV writers alike focuses on hit shows that are back for a new season. Right now that’s Mad Men and Game of Thrones, with Arrested Development generating a lot of excitement in its return from the grave, and Breaking Bad expected to deliver the greatest season of television in history this summer. These shows have earned their praise over the course of multiple seasons and solidified themselves as flagships of the medium. Their attention is much deserved, and something that developed and increased from the time they were brand new TV shows to their institutional statuses today.

It’s hard to sell a brand new product to people, and so new TV shows are tougher to promote. Networks can’t send out fancy box sets like HBO did with Game of Thrones. They can’t tease series premieres with simple images meant to evoke a host of emotions among a loyal fan base. All they can rely on is having a solid product and generate enough good response from the early adopting audience until new TV shows prove they have some staying power.

There are 3 new TV shows this season that are generating tempered excitement among the select folks who are currently watching them. If you aren’t already tuning in, you’re missing out.

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